brave browser offline installer

brave browser offline installer

It's amazing how quickly you load a page without leaving everything behind.

Up to 60% of page load time is due to basic advertising technology that pops up every time you hit a page on your favorite news site. And 20% of that time is spent just loading things that you're trying to find out more about. For example, news pages are allowed load times with data and tracking and general advertising is allowed.

brave browser offline installer

brave browser offline installer

Browse the safe with you on the brave

Bravely, we aim to block everything on the web that may compromise your style and compromise your privacy. Annoying ads are tomorrow's news, and cookies stay in your pot from where they belong.

Prevents brave ads from appearing: There's a new ad game in town. This is called "malwareizing". The latest display advertising technology can install malware on your laptop without your knowledge. But not brave enough to see your back.
Redirects brave sites to HTTPS: We've integrated HTTPS everywhere in the brave browser to ensure that you're always moving your bits to the safest pipe.
Brave tracking blocks pixels and tracking cookies: Do you ever feel like someone is watching you when you see an ad for something they bought a few days ago? We make sure you are not tracked and browse the sites of your choice when shopping online.
Brave is open source

Join us at GitHub and contribute bravely as we build the future network.

We believe in having an open source community. This is our web and we want to fix it as a team, so everything from our backend to the frontend is open. We're developing fast so expect to see new positions on an hourly basis.

What's New:

Android version 1.6.2 has the following improvements:

We've added Ship for New Customers
We've made some small changes to the Home Button Functionality
Closing all your tabs will no longer close the browser, unless you decide to make settings
And we also made some other small improvements
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