Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi

Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi

About Google adsense today we are going to discuss what Google adsense is and how it works. [Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi
Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi
Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi

bassicaly google adsense is a Google tool that works under Google's adsense progremme. Through adsense, we can generate good income sources by putting our ad code on our blog or website.

Let us know some of the tips and information that will help us to implement it in our website or blog, there are some rules for adsense and its own terms and conditions which we have to follow.

In order to run adsense ad network on your website or blog, you have to adhere to adsense rules very carefully as adsense is a google tool and it is very advanced so that you can understand about its policy, its policy It is very important to take it, otherwise you will never be able to earn money from adsense.

First of all, you are advised that whenever you create a Google adsense account, you should first learn about it by researching that which I am going to explain to you through this article. I am staying

[Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi
Hindi was not subsist of adsense for 2014 and it was not supported for Hindi language after 2014 adsense has been supported for Hindi language website and blog.

first step to create adsense account
The first step to earning adsense is that you have google's gmail id being an importer without gmail id you will not be able to create a google adsense account.

You must have a website or blog that is according to the adsense programme policy, such as the content of your website, which should not be against any type of policy.

Your website or blog should not contain copyrighted content of any other website or blog nor should there be any adult content. If you have any such content in your website or blog, remove it from your website today, why not do this, then you will never be able to earn a profit from adsense.

According to the rules of adsense policy, your website should be at least 6 months old and your content should be unique.

Your blog or website should have at least 20-30 quality content.

Your blog or post will have at least 300 page views on daily, without necessarily approve your adsense account.

[Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi
[Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi

Everything should be inside the adsense policy if everything is right under your website or blog adsence policy, then you can apply for adsense.

As soon as you apply, it takes a little bit of time to get approval [Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi In this you are allowed twice, the first approach is found in 2 to 4 days, the adsense team, your website, the blog's Review and mail you to your gmail id and give you the information.

When you receive an email from the adsense team, then your website, the blog is under review for 2 to 4 weeks. If everything is okay, then within 2 to 4 weeks, you will get another mail from the adsense team, which will tell you that your adsense account has been fully approved if by chance your account is not approved then it will appear on the adsense team. The reason is also told.

Why your account has not been approved, its reason is given in the mail, due to which your adsense was not approved, what was lacking on your site, all the mail that you may have had written in it, so you can eliminate that deficiency again adsense Can apply for

Once the account is approved, you get access to adsense account from adsense to get a dashboard from which you can manage your adsense account.

When your adsense is fully approved, you can place ads on your website, blog. If your website's traffic is good, then your earnings start getting started.

The next step after this is that when you get $ 10 in your account, you have to verify your address and identity in your account. It also has a separate process which falls under Google's policy.

Unless you verify your account, you can not transfer your earned amount to your bank.

adsense verification process

[Adsense] tips and tricks 2019 in hindi Best method
Related information Your adsense account has been approved but Google sees it as if you have an adsense approval, whether or not you want to know about your identity and your identity. After you become $ 10, you send a letter which has a verification pin.

When you get a letter sent from Google, you can go to your adsense dashboard and click on the verify address in the account section to fully approve your adsense. After this, your money earned becomes 100 $ as soon as Google gets transferred to your bank account.

You can go to the payment section and get your payment done through the payment method.
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