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Android Mobile Tips Tricks 

Today Android is a fast growing mobile platform. In it Google always keeps adding new features and you always have to keep updated information about it. But even then there are some features of Android that are very important, if you want to make your Android phone even more useful.

There are so many features in Android, some of which we know, but do not know that using them will not know how easy it will be to use mobile.

Android Mobile Tips Tricks In Hindi, there are 15 such features that you can use to make your phone more efficient.

 Android Mobile Tips in Trix Hindi 1) Check mobile data and set the data limit in Android:

Check-mobile-data-usages-and-set-data-limit-in-android-2016-10 Whether your data plan is unlimited, you should monitor your mobile data usage. To ensure that you are using data from your monthly plan, go to data usage in Settings. Here you can see what data the application is using.

 You can set your data usage date range here and set the limit for the data. Simultaneously, data can be set for automatic inability to cross the data limit.

To set the data limit, set the set mobile data limit.

Then drag the orange color line to set the data limit.

You will be alert when you reach this data limit.

 You should know about these data saving tips

2) disable / uninstall bloater: Disable-or-uninstall-bloatwarein-android-2016-10 manufactures and carriers often load their applications with Android phones. These apps are called Bluetooth. If you do not want to use them, they are like a crowd on your system, and even more, they finish the battery on the phone.

Some of these Bluetooth applications can be remotely deleted from the app settings, but most apps are not deleted. However, you can separate them

For this-

Go to the app menu from Settings.

Search these apps and tap on the Disable button.

This can prevent these applications from running in the background.

 3) Manage Default Apps:

  Management-Default-App-In-Android-2016-10 This is one of the biggest failures for Android users, that they can choose the default app for others like browser, phone or message. Android asks you to set a default app for many tasks, but later you have to change this default app? You can change the default app in Android.

Go to Settings> Apps.
Open the app and scroll down.
Tap on open and tap on clear defaults by default.

 4) Choose not to disturb the settings in Android: Android that do not disturb can be a simple and easy setting. But when Google has turned this feature into an Android lollipop dramatically, it can make you a little confusing. Not only this, its vocabulary changes with the manufacturing company.

Go to Setting -> Do Not Disturb
 Here you can decide the rules according to your own.

5) Organize Homescreen Shortcuts with Folders: When you install many apps in your phone, the phone's screen is full of shortcuts to these apps. Unlike the app drawer, the app is not organized alphabetically in the home screen. Therefore, you can reduce the number of icons on the home screen by placing the same application in a folder.

Assume that there are shortcuts to many game apps on your homescreen, then drag this shortcut to one of these in the other shortcut on the long press.

 Similarly you can put groups of other apps in one folder.

To rename a folder, open this folder and tap on the three options at the top right corner and tap on Rename.

 6) Set up your device for automatic unlock: Android Mobile Tips The next trick of tricks is Hindi Smart Lock Screen | Secure lock screen is important for keeping your data safe, but unlocking the phone is quite a hassle every time. You can avoid this problem with Smart Lock. This feature is mostly in the security menu in mobile. This feature includes various ways of bypass lock screen. like -

When the device is with you.

When your device is in a fixed place

When you are connected to a specific Bluetooth device.

When your device recognizes your face.

 In a specific above situation, you can set your phone to automatically unlock.

 To install Smart Lock Screen -

 On your device, go to Settings

Tap on Smart Lock option in Security.

Here you will find three options - Reliable device, reliable face and trusted place.

You can set the phone to automatically unlock the phone for all three.

8) Make sure your contacts and photos come back automatically: There is nothing worse than losing your contacts and photos, and then only we understand the importance of backup.

 Backing up contacts is easy and can be done in a number of ways. The first method is to get all the contacts from SD

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